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Another election year is upon us, but this year may look a little different. Under the burden of managing the COVID-19 outbreak, federal and local leaders and legislators across the country are discussing and planning for an increase in, or broad implementation of, mail-in voting.

As a printer, you know what this means: massive direct mail opportunity for your business. Is your print operation capable of meeting the rising demand for ballot printing?

The New Demand

In addition to the fundraising letters and issue-based flyers your local candidates are mailing out, your local election offices may need a print solution for thousands, or even millions, of mail-in ballot envelopes.

Design regulations may vary, but what you’ll typically find is the requirement of variable data, 2-4 colors, full bleeds, various sized envelopes (for sender and return mailing), and even on-demand printing.

The Inkjet Solution

Meeting this demand is possible with the unique benefits of inkjet printing on the iJetColor Press

Capable of meeting each of these requirements, the family of inkjet envelope presses delivers on-demand output at 2x the speed and 1/3 of the cost of other digital print solutions, making it the fastest, most-profitable short-run envelope print solution.

PLUS: gain the capabilities of full color, full bleeds, variable data, PMS color-matching, and easy handling of coin, remit, window envelopes & more!

Solutions vary to meet volume needs of 20,000 envelopes/month up to millions. Discover which solution is right for you!

The Most Affordable Envelope Solution with:

Speeds between 1,500-4,000/hr

Recommended for monthly print volumes of 20,000 - 50,000

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The Most Profitable envelope Solution with:

Speeds up to 6,000/hr

Recommended for monthly print volumes of 50,000 - 100,000

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The Fastest, Most Rugged Solution with:

Speeds over 7,120/hr

Recommended for monthly print volumes of 100,000+

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