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Print Pro

"The biggest benefit is that it is quick. I did not need an experienced press operator – in fact, I have the person who runs my copier running it. The turnaround, full color, full bleed – it’s incredibly fast.”

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Service Envelope

"In just a few short months with the machine, their experience has been 'great' and the service has been 'phenomenal.'"

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Hammond, LA

"We have had the iJetColor Press for almost 3 years and the machine has performed above expectations. It has completely replaced our offset presses for printing envelopes and other items. The training and online tools they provide are exceptional for new employees."

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Eagan, MN
"The only mistake we made was not purchasing this machine sooner.”
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St. Paul, MN

“It’s the only way to print variable envelopes.” Sean Jones, Ideal Printers

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Largo, Florida

"PrimeNet now houses the capability to print four color direct mail envelopes quickly using the iJet 3.0 Envelope Press, and at an amazing value to our clients."

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Shoreview, MN

“We don’t have the cost of sending a job out, we don’t have to pay another vendor. We can keep it in house, control our turn times, and keep the cost down for our customer.”

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Sarasota, Florida

“It has been a very profitable machine for us. It was affordable to purchase, is very inexpensive to run, and we are probably making at least a 50 to 60 percent increase by printing the envelopes in-house.”

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Carlsbad, California

“When it came down to make the final decision on quality, purchase cost, and actual total cost of ownership, the iJetColor Press cmae out on top.” – Keith Goodman, VP Corporate Solutions

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Columbus, Ohio
“We love it! 70,000 images so far and our customers are enjoying the additional design freedom the iJetColor Press offers. It’s a big win for us.”
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River Falls, Wisconsin

"Since we added the iJetColor Press we have been able to bring more of the color jobs back in-house with faster turnaround. It has brought in new business to the center with the additional capabilities it offers. We expect the iJetColor Press system to pay for itself in less than two years."

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Williston, North Dakota

"Price, simplicity, and speed were all factors in our decision to purchase the iJetColor Press."

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Hickory, North Carolina

"The iJetColor System has cut our costs on printing envelopes in many ways. I highly recommend the iJetColor Press."

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Houston, Texas

"We are especially pleased that our iJetColor Digital Printer and iJetColor color matching workflow software has allowed BCT Houston to expand their product offerings to their customers and increase their profit margin at the same time. We expect the iJetColor Press system to pay for itself in eight months."

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Mission Viejo, California

"When we ran our first couple envelopes through, we were kind of blown away by the quality. Productivity has definitely increased with this machine in our office. The main thing is simply that we can have anyone run this machine and still output a quality product for our customers."

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Morton Grove, IL

Based in Morton Grove, IL, Sharper Dot Printing Inc. features team members with over 20 years of industry experience who use the best technology.

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