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JetColor Label Press Benefits

Advanced print technology usually demands a premium price – but not so with the new Printware iJetColor Label Press. With a print speed three times that of traditional toner devices, the iJetPress consumables are roughly one-third the cost, offering extremely competitive ink pricing to bring the lowest cost per piece to the label printing market.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

1/3 the operating cost of typical toner devices


3 times the speed of typical toner devices

Production Ready

Production-quality Navigator Harlequin RIP workflow with spot color matching software


Roll-to-roll, integrated batch cutter, up to 60 fps


Integrates with existing production environment

Higher image quality: digital images are printed as one image, rather than one layers, which means higher resolution images

  • Lower cost for short runs: by eliminating expenses for setup you lower the cost of labels for short runs
  • Flexibility: labels can be changed or updated easily at no additional expense
  • Eliminates time and materials required to manage and prepare conventional printing orders.
  • Eliminates plate making costs
  • Latest inkjet technology
  • Small footprint, maximizing use of space
  • While-you-wait job fulfilment
  • Flexible / on demand printing
  • High speed - without quality loss
  • Vibrant colors
  • Full-size, intuitive, touchscreen display
  • Roll-to-roll or roll-to-cut printing mode
  • All-steel construction for durability in a commercial environment
  • Environmentally-friendly waterbased inks and low power consumption
  • No heat or ozone emission
  • Wide range of media -paper, PP, PE, canvas, films, self adhesive labels
  • Simple maintenance routines lead to low overall cost of production
  • Speed and quality to enable shorter turnaround times
  • Wide range of applications enables the replacement of several printers
  • Complements analog printing techniques (flexo, litho, screen)
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