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An Advanced Inkjet User Interface

As an iJetColor user, you have utilized the workflow and color management tools of the iJetColor Rip to profit from full-color, short-run envelopes. Now, profit faster from an intuitive interface with added features.

New interface highlights include:

  • Inkjet-optimized toolset for enhanced rich black crisp type
  • Quick Edits feature for fast color, positioning, and quantity adjustment
  • Intuitive design for easy operation and maintenance


The iJetColorFlow includes the same trusted tools of your iJetColor Rip like Color Paper Profiles, Print Engine Toolbox, and Color Management Tools, plus:

  • Rich Black Type Button
  • Crisp Text Capability
  • Intuitive, visual Media Size and Layout Adjustments
  • Quick Quality/Speed Modifications
  • Hyper-Speed Variable Data Processing
  • Ink Saver Mode


While iJetColor users currently have access to color-management tools and workflows, the iJetColorFlow adds the following benefits:

  • Enhanced rich black, crisp type for improved print quality
  • Quicker color, positioning, and quantity adjustments for faster production
  • Optional hyper-speed processing for faster output of variable data jobs



Extend your iJetAdvantage service contract for the next three years and receive the NEW iJetColor Flow Advanced Inkjet User Interface for FREE through the life of your press!

The iJetAdvantage includes 24/7 Phone Support & Remote Diagnostics, FREE non-wearable parts replacement, FREE shipping on orders over $500 once/mo, discounts on consumables and wearable parts, and access to online training & troubleshooting resources.


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* Windows 10 Upgrade includes a new CPU, touchscreen monitor, and remote installation and setup from one of our technicians. Windows 10 is required for the use of the new iJetColor Flow software. Systems running Windows 7 will be required to upgrade to Windows 10 to be covered under warranty and operate the latest iJetColor software.


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