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Free Online Training Tools

Free Online Training Tools to Improve Productivity

In our commitment to provide excellent customer service to our customers, we have completed an online training course for new and current customers. The entire course consist of three levels and will provide a novice and experienced iJetColor user comprehensive knowledge on all user operations and service for your system. Each module reinforces your original training – but also is chocked full of great video and technical information that most users need. Completing an on-line module takes less than 40 minutes and allows you to learn and practice on your own time.

Level I

Operation Startup

Level II

Maintenance & Workflow

Level III

Advanced Service & Settings

Completion of this training program is part of our first year service offering and automatically registers you for great FREE iJetColor stuff.

“Confidence comes from discipline and training.”
Robert Kiyosaki – Marine and Best Selling Author
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