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Our mission is to delight customers with profitable print solutions like no one else in the world. That sounds like a big mission when dealing with technology--but it's just what we do.

We provide the most comprehensive service program of any digital print supplier. It’s one of the reasons you originally purchased the iJetColor press from us, and it’s one of the best ways to ensure that you continue profiting from inkjet.

the iJetAdvantage

Have an insurance on your car or AAA?  An Amazon Prime Membership? Maybe a Geek Squad Service plan for your electronics? If you subscribe or appreciate what one of these services provide, then our iJetAdvantage Service and Supply Agreement provides everything you need to protect your investment and stay up and running all year long. If it's from day-to-day technical support, getting a new operator training in, or a "What a day!" incident that requires major mechanical replacements on your printer, with this program we have your best interests in mind.

1.    First Year Non-Wearable Parts Warranty (FREE with signature)

  •    24/7 Phone FREE Technical Support
  •    Discounts on ink, wearable parts/consumables
  •    FREE Unlimited Training
  •    Remote Web Diagnostics
  •    Free part replacement for defective non-wearable parts
  •    Firmware upgrades as needed
  •    Automatic Access to Online Training and IJetWizard resources
  •     FREE Standard Shipping (once per Month with orders $500+)

2.    Extended IJetAdvantage Service and Supply Agreement ( for years 2 & beyond)

  •    Provides continued discounts on consumables and wearable parts
  •    Automatic Renewal option provides the best pricing
  •    24/7 FREE Phone Technical Support (otherwise $125/per hour/incident)
  •    FREE Standard Shipping (once per Month with orders $500+)
  •    Remote Web Diagnostics
  •    Free part replacement for defective non-wearable parts
  •    Firmware upgrades as needed
  •    Continued Access to iJetWizard, Online Resources and Unlimited Training


Because of the reliability and durability of our equipment, customers put millions of impressions on it. After so many impressions, the machine can benefit from a tune-up of wearable parts and general maintenance and cleaning.

Recommended for customers as they reach each 1 million impressions:

1.     Factory Overhaul – Level 1 Tune-up:

  •    Eight feed rollers
  •    Primary grit shaft assembly
  •    Entry grit shaft assembly
  •    Exit grit shaft assembly
  •    Sheet separators
  •    Drive Belt
  •    Ribbon Cable for service station
  •    Rebuild the service station with new wiper roller
  •    Six hours of labor

Optional: Rapid Replacement (additional cost, subject to availability)

  •    Rental unit for you to use while the factory performs an overhaul, cleaning and calibration of your iJetColor system
  •    Rapid exchange costs covered all four ways for rental equipment and return of your unit


Providing superior customer service is at the core of how we do business. Talk to a Rep