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We understand that you’ve probably seen every type of financing and complicated leasing application ever offered to the print industry. As have we – and that’s why we created a completely new program to help you immediately gain the benefits of the iJetColor Press without the hassles of a loan, clicks, high interest payments, down payments, or high fees. We’re the only manufacturer that offers a comprehensive financing program that offers:

ZERO Clicks – you buy supplies only and when you need to – there are no minimums.

ZERO Interest– your payments over standard terms equal the value of what you receive.

ZERO Down Payment – we keep it simple – just a $300 application fee.

ZERO Problems – built into your monthly payment is our over-the-top support program.

ZERO Buyout –we make a promise that shows just how much we believe in our products – you have the right to buyout the unit at the end for a nominal FMV – or we guarantee we will buy it back. We believe so strongly in the value of the iJetColor Press we’re happy to purchase the product back at the end of the program – we just doubt we can pry it out of your hands!

Click Here to review program options and rates for the iJetColor Envelope Press.

Click Here to begin the application process for the Power-of-Zero Program!

Our financing partner American Financial Partners makes the application process fast, easy, and hassle-free. Their attention to detail and level of personal service is second to none.