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What We Do

In 2001, Printware began manufacturing, selling, and servicing the world’s most highly used polyester computer-to-plate systems. If you’re asking, “What are those?” We’ll say, “Nevermind.”

In 2014, with the world’s increasing migration to digital products, we too pivoted to continue our mission in “delighting customers with profitable print solutions like no one else in the world”. As print shops experienced new customer demands in the digital age, we found a way to help them meet those demands while #delightinginprofits. #mission #inkjet

Since 2014, we design, manufacture, market, and support the family of the world’s fastest and most profitable short-run inkjet envelope printers under the iJetColor brand. This family includes the iJetColor™, the iJetColor NXT™, and the iJetColor Pro™--three unique solutions that provide varying output speeds and capabilities for a wide range of print applications.

We also offer equipment service, technical support, and a full line of consumables to the 1000+ commercial printers, universities and school districts, non-profits, hospitals, insurance companies, and more who have implemented an iJetColor press to produce short-run, full-color envelopes at the lowest price possible.

Our Product

Our Customers

Our Team

When a customer first purchases an iJetColor envelope press, our team schedules a remote or onsite installation of the equipment. This installation includes product setup and training to create expert operators that are able to maximize the speed and capabilities of the machine.

After installation, users have access to 24/7 Remote Support from the iJetColor Technical Team. Reachable by phone or email, operators needing assistance can quickly connect with a tech to troubleshoot for maximum up-time. See how the process works!

Join Our Team

You’ve always dreamed of working in the printing industry, right? Eh, maybe not. That’s okay. Printware-fan and current Inkjet Marketing Director, Claire Lorei, told us, “I sometimes feel like I’m in an episode of The Office and laugh that I’m the girl who sells printers. But, the growth we’re experiencing, the high quality and sought-after products, the dynamic team, and the perks of working in a small company that’s doing big things…I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Unique benefits of working at iJetColor by Printware include:

                              • Work on an innovative, flexible, solution-oriented team
                              • Apply great product engineering ideas in the real world
                              • Be a critical member of an manufacturing and service team
                              • Work in a playful and productive environment
                              • Rise with a growing company
                              • Have opportunity for traveling around the United States

Available Openings:

Inkjet Engineer - Apply Now

If you love designing mechanical systems, feel confident with software and enjoy working with customers we have an exciting, challenging and fulfilling job that will become a great career. We’ll provide the training, invest in your development (with our Advanced Apprenticeship Program) and help you find what our team already knows – every day is different and exciting. Learn More